Sandhills Summer Jam

Thank you for visiting our Sandhills Summer Jam page!

We are taking a break from putting on our concerts for a bit. But we are doing some new things!

We are launching a new website called and we would love your help to spread the word! It is a site for businesses, bars, sporting events, bands, and much more. If you have ever been on a trip and had nothing do to this is your cure! It's in it's beginning stages and will be improved on.

We would love the help of our SSJ fans to get this site rolling! 

We would love to put on a free concert for you! 

1. Hand out the flyer below and sell business owners a one year package to the site. 
2. You will need to cut the bottom portion of the flyer out with the business owner/sponsor(that's you)/date fields on it and mail it in to 
TK Entertainment
PO Box 55
Arthur, NE 69121
3. We will double check these papers to the site customer list.
4. Collectively there will have to be a minimum 3000 new one year customers and we will throw you a concert summer of 2015.
5. The 20 top SSJ fans that get the most new customers will get one backstage pass each to the concert.
6. Contest starts now and ends March 1, 2015.

Click on this file below to print and hand them out!

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